C2c afghans My Latest Addiction

So several weeks ago the Crochet Crowd and Mikey introduced me to the Corner to Corner (C2c) afghan. As usual I couldn’t get it from the pattern and had to refer to Mikey’s video on YouTube. I got the hang of it and the rest is history. The pattern is on the Red Heart website. You can make the pattern a “lapghan” or a full afghan. It can be square or rectangular. The combinations are limitless. I am making my first for a relative in a nursing home and I am using Red Heart yarn. The next will be for a baby and will be made with a more expensive yarn. I have even begun getting feeds from a facebook page C2c crochet madness which I love!. I have a couple of ideas and can’t wait to get to my LYS Knitknack to get the yarn to go along with the ideas! Crocheting is a nice change for a knitting dominant crafter like me!

Mastered the decrease to create corner for rectangle

Mastered the decrease to create corner for rectangle

3 comments on “C2c afghans My Latest Addiction

  1. I am a beginner crocheter! My first throw I have decided to attempt is a c2c throw. I am 31 rows in. I don’t want the throw as big as the pattern calls for. Can you stop growing on both sides? Keep like 10 rows the same length and then decrease it?
    Thanks…and great blog!

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