Waiting to Exhale — Wednesday Meet Ups

With Ninja like determination our Wednesday night group rushes to the library to get in as much crochet/knit time as possible. Lawana sighed and said “I look forward to this all week”. It’s our time for sure.  Our group is growing and now it seems every week there are goodies to consume. Although we are sitting at a series of tables pulled together, we have grown past the ability to have one conversation. There are several stations of instruction and the latest TV shows are discussed. Diet and exercise always come up and we threaten to get together outside of the library but so far that hasn’t taken place. Some have jobs, some don’t, some have kids, some don’t. I am one of the oldest and the youngest are teenagers. We all have something in common, we love  to crochet or knit or both! A husband showed up tonight with some beautiful flowers, just because. I think curiosity was part of his visit. LOL! The family members and friends all want to know what we really do there. Come see, just bring your crochet hooks, knitting needles and yarn.

Nice scarf from a Ravelry pattern

Lawana always crocheting

Beautiful Flowers

More pictures on Bergen Crafters page!

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